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For those who play, watch or teach the game, the sport of hockey lives in all of us forever.  Big Celly has mission, push the game further than before.  

Big Celly is a hockey company, renowned for its uncompromising focus on a player's lifestyle, their performance, training, recovery, and celebration!  


Our Products can be found in

Big Celly is owned and operated by Engine Athletics, one of the fastest growing sports apparel brands in the country.  Hockey as it's bread and butter has lead to the creation of this lifestyle apparel brand you see now.

Big Celly and it's parent company ENGINE, has always stated Quality Above All.  

Our obsession with quality comes from our belief that technical hockey apparel deserves progressive design ideals, technical materials and modern constructions.  The team behind Big Celly is a multidisciplinary team of experts that love and play hockey.  We are still in the game, and always will be.

Pittsburgh Firefighters Hockey Club


Coming Soon to a pro shop store near your rink!

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